Salvage to Savage has been one of my most in-depth projects. I've helped build their media presence from the ground up, documenting award winning automotive fabrication, while creating a well defined brand on both YouTube and Instagram. In the past year I've brought their Instagram following from 5k to 46k and grew their YouTube from 6k subscribers to over 160k. This on-going project has included everything from creating photo & short-form video content for social media, product imaging for their merchandise, and directing and editing long-form vlog style content for Youtube!
The main goal of Salvage To Savage is to creative a lifestyle automotive brand around the insane cars and trucks created at the shop! Click below to check out some of my long-form direction, videography, and editing!
With a heavily defined style for their social media presence across all platforms, a good deal of care was taken to make sure that the product and lifestyle images worked cohesively with their brand. 
While the focus at Salvage to Savage is to build a brand around our long-form style YouTube content, no video launch strategy is complete without the social media cutdowns to support it!

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